Tuesday, December 10, 2013

draft of unfinished poem


Dawn leaks consequence.  Where it will,
Hovering over appletree or railroad, all
Bright angles, letting the hopes happen.
Maybe the day is blue, meaning south,
Meaning drought can find a path in it,
Lack can offer it reasons for not being—
But if the day were gray, would plenitude
Negate it?  These eithers make me laugh.
They do not consider my wholesome, how
It depends on neitherness's neutrality,
On tepid clemencies and staling bread,
Room temperature always preferred.  See:
My armchair’s placed beneath a glowing
Antenna which even hums a little to ease
The least concern.  Twilight, chores done,
The overflow of panting elevators appears
Frayed, decayed, despite ferocious washing;
A wasteland imposes grateful ants.  Some
Say the afterlife will try to console our taste
For communism: faraway docility, dogma,
Can you restore such douceur?  Transitory
Commeasurate, the body's border throws
That origin an old lens stained with
The road remoteness of incest.  Tilled bare,
Ground mutes me, bored rascal ill;
I maladministrate the war of handshakes:
Sweet rain nets too much pit.  Where covert
Holes perforate air like hints of dark
Guidance—are sky's ways unsullied by
Route or is it all pre-mapped, programmed
By fate?  Here you and I stay loath: we
Conspire with appears, coy counterfeits,
Zeroing in on the spoils that fill spoons
Daily with hesitation while intention
Awaits all festivity.  All reception.  Or else.
I'd sink sulkwise if it weren't such regress.


1 comment:

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