Wednesday, December 11, 2013

top ten list of new poems I read in 2013

I can't do a top ten list of 2013 poetry books unless it was

Top Ten Poetry Books Published in 2013 Which Might Have Been on My Ten Best List If I Could Have Afforded to Buy Them,

but thanks to the internet I did read some outstanding poems, ten of which are listed here in no particular order because each of them is a "best" in itself:

"Rope" by Rose Kelleher

"An hour is not a house" by Jane Hirshfield
"Installation" by Helen Humphreys
"Government Spending" by Patricia Lockwood
"Crane" by David Yezzi
"Elegy for a Small Town Psychic" by Morri Creech
"A Novel" by Sampson Starkweather
"The Butcher's Apprentice 1911-1914" by Adam Kirsch
"At the Sewannee Writers' Conference, I Go Looking for Allen Tate's Grave" by Christopher Bullard
"Fancy" by Jehanne Dubrow

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