Thursday, November 21, 2013


well, damn me . . . the last two posts here declare I'm going to try to overcome my addiction to self-publication,

and today I've just spent 3 hours putting together a new edition of my short poems . . .

I bought the new anthology, "Succinct : The Broadstone Anthology of Short Poems" — in which they include one by me,

not that they asked me for permission to reprint it, they got "permission" from BOA, from a book of mine BOA pubbed in 2000, 

a book whose rights were reverted to me at least 5 or 6 years ago,

but like many anthologists they don't give a shit about contacting the poets whose work they want to include,

they contact the publishers or in my case some "agency" connected with BOA—

the 'Succinct' editors Jonathan Greene and Robert West (whoever the fuck they are)

used my poem without my permission and I resent it . . .

Compare their unconscionable arrogance with Gary Young and Christopher Buckley, editors

of "One for the Money : The Sentence as a Poetic Form," published by Lynx House Press in 2012,

who contacted me directly for permission to reprint 4 of my poems, and which I was happy to give,

I sent them permission to reprint my poems at no cost, no fee,

and I would have been happy to grant similar no-fee permission to Greene/West if they had deigned to ask me, but it seems they couldn't bother to go to the trouble of communicating with the poets whose works they co-opted —

a curse on them and on all poetry anthologists who refuse to honor the due rights of poets, the poet's innate right to have control over the distribution of his or her work.   

Reprinting a living poet's work without their personal permission is an insult.  

It's not like they couldn't google me and leave me a message on one of the many blogs I've had over the past 7 years . . .  

and as I implied above, I would be happy to grant no-fee free permission to anyone who wanted to reprint my work in a venue I feel is appropriate, as long as they have the courtesy to ask me first.