Tuesday, December 10, 2013


the December 2013 issue of of Poetry (Chicago) Magazine has some very interesting poems in it, and I thought to write a little about some of them, 

and I'll start with Louise Gluck.  Here are some lines from her 3 poems in this issue:

many months away

We could hear

the stiff sheets became

that time of life

—I could go on, and quote many other lines from the poems.  But that's enough for the moment, enough to promulgate my dilemma,

which is, that I don't understand them.  Take the first one for example:

many months away

—what does that mean?  No doubt it's my inadequacy as a reader and perhaps even as a human being that I have no idea what that line means.

Or "that time of life"— again, I'm totally at a loss.  What the heck is she getting at when she writes the line "that time of life"?   

Presumably she has an idea in her mind and is confident that it is being conveyed to the reader when she types out a line like 

the stiff sheets became

—but what that idea is and what she intends by it, is utterly incomprehensible to me.  


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