Wednesday, May 16, 2012

way it goes

I paid the fee and submitted my "Selected Poems 1960-2012" to the book contest at Oberlin,
and just got this email back:

Dear Bill Knott,

Thank you for entering SELECTED POEMS 1960-2012 in the 2012 FIELD Poetry Prize contest. All entries will be read carefully by the editors of Oberlin College Press. The contest winner will be announced later this summer on our website.

Your subscription to FIELD will begin with the fall issue.

Best wishes,

The Editors 


Well, they won't take it, of course.   The fee pays for a year's subscription to FIELD magazine, so I guess it's not a complete loss of money.

But they won't choose me for the prize.  I never won any book contest I entered, and this won't be any different.

Everybody and their shit knows I've been blacklisted by the glucklords and seidelcrats and hasshitlers at AmeriPoBiz Inc, I'm persona non grata: no legitimate publisher like Oberlin will touch a pariah like me.

Way it goes.


postscript, 05/23/12: 
today I asked Oberlin to withdraw and delete my "Selected" manuscript from the contest, and they very kindly complied with my request.  I should never have submitted anything in the first place, because there could never be any chance of my success in such a venture.


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