Thursday, May 17, 2012

through the motions

postscript to this post: 
I notice that Four Way Books has this submission window coming up at the end of this month—
maybe I should send the "Selected" to them as well as Field, though of course they won't take it either, will they, ha ha—

The June Reading Period

Submissions accepted June 1 - 30

Poetry and short fiction

For a book-length collection of poetry written in English, regardless of publication history. We will also read short story collections, and consider novellas of between 80 - 200 pages (or thereabouts).
Publication and a reading in NYC.
$28.00 reading fee.
Submit online or by mail between June 1 - June 30. Guidelines will be posted at the end of May.

For over a decade now I have given my books away free, 

either printing them myself at home and mailing them out to libraries and poetry "centers" and MFA programs and bookstores,

and or posting them onto as free downloadable ebooks,

and what have I gotten for my efforts?  You know: Nothing but contempt and disdain.  

I am a laughingstock to everybody in the world of poetry, an object of ridicule, a pariah

sneered at and spat on by all.  

I know that in the little time I have left to live I will never be able to attain any dignity or sense of self-worth, 

and that I will die in this ignominy and shame.

And sending my worthless "books" out to these contests and publishers is an utterly stupid and hopeless effort, as futile and foolish as my failed attempts in the field of poetry have always been . . .


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