Tuesday, January 7, 2014

draft/worksheet [unfinished

What buoyed my steps in wine that evening
With curtains raining across the eyes
Their salmon insistence pallored all my closeups
Straightjacketed hallways backing out of the lens
What held me aloft and shining
Quivering like globs of earlobe jelly
Alarms for the lamps I was extinguishing
In a painful domestication of the dark
With the ink they made from Proust's urine
Which deigned to shed share with me though I shunned
That natural yoke till my fat shoulders broke
And my divingbell bedeviled by muses
That evening and every other whose-so-evening
What was it led me beyond those binoculars
Fathom heart in the smoke canals though nowhere
Nowhere do I get the planet bigbang as it were


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