Monday, January 20, 2014

drafts/worksheets [unfinished


as it says in the epitaphs
carved on whitecaps
each wave announces
another death
until the ocean agrees
drowned in its ear-coring shells  
to sail that bloodstream
that dream clinging
to the life raft of the body
held afloat by
the inner tube heart
the day to day boredom
whose undated incisions of spray
mourn every shore they beach
in order to prime our pores 
for cessation for ruin
because like the impetus of comets
to peel off heading nowhere
into their depths 
I die at my dire window and
time's orbital stats ejaculate me
until I too agree
that honesty must be
ragged and its linebreaks shall
curtal or hurl themselves out
alternative in thrusts
like bakers kneading lava like 
waves carving away my headland
predatoring all I pray and
who knows they might even
peninsulate the poem

I comb my crack with a lit fuse
My hairspray sticks to the gods
I cannot find you phrase of mind
(Devour is my favorite flower)

[Snow showing nothing but its normal nil]

Entering the Frankenstein Hall of Fame
Why did I pause in the foyer
To feast on those pajama trouser flies
Or get caught in the act of playing
Peerposssum on my clone's back
How did I let that embarrassment trap happen

[Still pranksters give my chair a hotfoot
Oh no you don't I cry preferring
My legs raw not fried/charred ... [



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