Sunday, December 1, 2013

new blog

please note my new blog—there's a link via the sidebar here—

a "book collections" site

which is really an old blog refurbished with a new title and format: 

it used to be a "collected poetry" site on which I had uploaded all (or nearly all) of my books for online perusal, and which I deleted 3 months ago due to the frustration of maintaining it—(Blogger has made it increasingly difficult to upload large print files, and trying to fix any errata in them once they're up here is maddeningly painstaking)—

anyway, recently I discovered that with "Google Drive" I can more or less do the same thing, ie publish my books online, to the extent that I want to have them online, much more easily by uploading the pdf print files onto "my" googlydrive page or site or demon-nexus or whatever they call it—

where the pdf books (does that make them "ebooks"?) can be read online and/or downloaded (for free)—

One virtue of this new system is that I can efficiently fix any errata in a book quickly by simply deleting its previous pdf incarnation and posting an amended version, all in just a few minutes—

the links to my print publications and to my online pdf publications will be posted in the sidebars of this "new" blog,

in an ongoing shambles of indecisiveness and manic-depressive ditching-switching, the books

appearing and disappearing as my whims will have them.

If anyone reading this is interested in access to my books, please consult that blog there— 


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