Thursday, December 12, 2013


I believe I existed
in the blink of no one's eye
scurrying facade
that screened me awake aloud

I awoke unknown my face
familiarized only by sunglasses
the blink of no one's eye held me
for a mote moment

By all the sun allows to follow me
like the shadow I am
might it last less
than the age of behold

Orchard articulate
rose wise
my eyelids were
carrion wafers

I was the blink of no one's eye
delighted to be the blink
of no one's eye under
so many eyelids or garage doors

Pleistocene ferns burst from oiltruck vents as
I pull my old blood over me
the goatscape awake aloud ancient

the eternity in my left wrist abhors
the instant in my right
jungles use leopards as a condiment
/as leopards condiment the jungles I devour
in nature's typeface
reproaching your monotone
I poisoned a locus of space
exposing my nipples
to a mask faced evoe
3D until I awoke
uneasy was my face alien
lasting even less than squint
I pity tomorrow
that river of exposed entrails

which dwarfs today


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