Saturday, December 28, 2013

drafts, roughs, worksheets [unfinished

only his heel is human
the rest of him is a god
every stalwart sinew steelshod
nothing's mortal but this heelblood
when we run our tongue
in through the boot-thong
longing to fellate
that fatal flesh, to
taste the meal of that heel,
the mortal meat beneath
his shinbone, the only
tender tendon in
his body's bold/bloody squadron,
the only nonweapon
part of him—the heel
his mom held him by
when she annealed
the rest of him in steel—
if only the heel is human
foot fetishists feast
on these Achilles kisses
[not usually known as
the unhardest part of the body,
but in his case [alone], it is
[uniquely] vulnerable—
welded together by anklebones
the penile stele of heel is here
the most fragile member of
 [that arch/fist/fiche/stele of flesh]
[heel/stele [
[that steeliest stele of flesh]
if only the heart were too/also/similarly
vulnernable to love's [adverb] speartips
your hero needs no armor if
his Manolo Blahnik's stiffed/quiffed/bulwarked
enough to rebuff our lips
/his manolo-toed sandal's tough
enough to rebuff our lips
tongue rhymes with boot-thong
/greave-guard /  shinguard's /anklet
ankleboot/ tongued/ shin-tongued/
bootlet / bodkine / botkin 
impervious to spears and swordtips
/not immune to spears and swordtips
prey to love's spears and swordtips

a leaf fell and cupped your ear
attentive to your silence it whispered
the usual urgings/reasons to commit suicide

profusely clinging to the drowned self
can you admit/adjudicate how fugitively
the jigsaw solved by a missing piece

the poem completed by its lost line
how this indecisiveness is too binary
too eager to choose the one or the anon

a key-ring that sets fire to the sun
a wayfarer housed in wide open rags
an icicle locking into its cloak of claw

halo-effects perhaps but say [surround newcomers
an entering gueststar knocks first
and the cannibal's head up your ass

and the caveman's noggin gnawing
its way down your esophagus
may meet someday in the middle

of this hunger that devours us
endlessly via all orifices and organs
that strike time's tympani with

the thin notes of requiem [a voice in chains
Basho kicking a pine-tree for advice
cruelly they woke their sex up on me

chessboard on which shirtstripes flicker
feasting with pajama-trouser-flies
how many shark miles in your pheromones

abducted by life prisoner of a leaf
the pleats of my pantsuit climb squeaking skylines
[what prank to give my chair a hotfoot

the lovers show no mercy to the backed-up rat

a fairy tale painted yes by tininess
I furbish a lonely room of welcome
where no partake rises to bosom me
and homonyms trample my tongue
because I came to samesex myself
or I went to cohabit with death
to dine on means animal in nature
to greet filmstars in my gaunt lieu
assisting at the postponement of my poem

The days have dyed me naked enough
to hide behind: no scar alleviates
this boring surface.

I must stuff the ears of vanishing-acts
to stop the blind applause
from desiring more.  My glass

slippers left gashes in the floor,
grievous pits your ponytail longed
to bathe in.  We mourn your mere

whose petty life is timeless,
wrought from the moment.  Tired of its
exigent ways to wander onward,

down the avenues in a traipse of glory.
I build labyrinths for lip-readers
to run through, sprinting

[to pester day's girders, glide
to the cactus rodeo where nobody
can ride our spike-hiked hide.

the name stenciled on
your frankenstein kit is mine
but its letters distribute so
are they caught in the spread
of points on a betting card
yet causality you declare fervid
is the sole vocation the lone rune
by which gods can dispute their senses
so that no later than someday we
will believe in our superstitious
existence as names on dotted lines
clot up and thicken into a polyglot
ingot and yet all the gold in Fort
Knott cannot further bear or
absolve me from this longshot

the usual nostrums
the day to day recipes
trace sardonicisms on glass
pour seashell stones on the clown


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