Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I am going to try to withdraw all my books from sale at Amazon, and keep them out of print.  I don't see the point of publishing books which no one buys, books which sell no copies.  

I'm going to have to live (and die, obviously) with the fact that virtually nobody wants to read my work, that readers at large (or at little) are not interested in my poetry (which is proved by the fact that no legitimate publishers will touch it, and I don't blame them!)—

and that my attempts to offer it "free" in the form of pdf ebooks, or as print editions priced the lowest Amazon allows me to set (my "profit" was always zero), 

will be met with the same general indifference.

C'est la vie.  I'm still trying to write poems, which I will continue to publish on my private "works-in-progress" blog, but I am also going to try to halt all book publication of my poetry,

if I can.  I may fail in this resolution, but I will try to keep it.  I may succumb once again as I have so many times before to the narcissistic urge to see my poems "in print," but I will try to resist that fatuous narcotic, that vain delusion.

ps Wednesday Nov 13, 4PM EST—
after checking on the Amazon, I see that some of my titles are still there, supposedly for sale, even though I've "removed" them via my account at CreateSpace . . . either I'll have to do the removal-procedure again, or they just haven't taken them down yet  . . .

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