Friday, November 8, 2013


I was back on twitter for a week or so, but the problem as always is other people's tweets

and my susceptibility to them . . . I saw an incredibly arrogant tweet by a very bad avantgarde poet (and academic) and was tempted on the instant to

"reply" to its inanity, in fact I typed out an insulting response and then deleted it . . . but I was immediately disgusted with myself for letting my rancor be so easily roused . . .

and so I deactivated my "account" . . .  

I've had similar problems with Facebook, and every time I've joined it have had to leave— I can't maintain the pretense of the easily-evoked acquiescence, the sickening positivity of it— the "like" buttons for example, so readily and pusillanimously positioned for instant obsequiousness . . . and its reckless use of the word "friend" is like some loathsome leech smarmed and grasping at your throat; facetious and ferocious familiarity smothering.

On the other hand: 

It's obvious that many younger poets find Twitter and or Facebook helpful to their writing process, and to the furtherance of their careers, and I'm sure that if I were their age I would also be imbricated in such transactive literaturing, gainfully addicted to those socialmediated elucidations . . . I'm just too old to do it: if I could I would, happily.  


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