Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a few of my books

Selected Poems 1960-2012
Collected Sonnets 1970-2012  
The Moon's Memoirs: Collected Short Poems 1960-2012 
Laugh at the End of the Word: Collected Comic Poems
Babblegate: Poems from Childhood  
Love Poems 1960-2012  
Selected Syllabic Verse  
Selected Surrealist Verse  
Never Lend Your Umbrella to a Submarine and Other Poems for Young Readers  
One Hundred Rhyming Poems Selected from the Books of Bill Knott  
Aloft: Poems from the Heights  
Downrhymes: 99 Poems of Defeat Despair and Disappointment
A Salt of Seasons: Winter Spring Summer Fall Poems  
Movie Muse: some Film Poems  
One Hundred Sonnets [—a "Selected Sonnets" in disguise]  
Selected Political Poems 1965-2012  
Cemetery Poems   
I Hate to Write Prosepoems: a Selection 
Bucks on Roses (Selected Quintains)   
Ekphrastiques du mal  
Orphead: Poems after Classical Myths
Forthfable and other poems derived from Biblical Myths
The Condition: Poems about Music, with a few song lyrics appended
3 Verse Plays: The Sewing Machine / Playing Chicken with Van Gogh / Who's There: a Play for Two Sentries 
Plaza de Loco
Excerpts from the Diary of [deleted]
An Incomplete Inventory of Dorian Gray's Closet
The Naomi Poems
Rome in Rome
The Unsubscriber
Aurealism: A Study

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