Saturday, September 15, 2012

a little Creeley

"The more we read the less we write." —Nicanor Parra.

"The 'simply natural' is interesting no longer. The much decried, mad, late-Turner rendering is now necessary to create my interest." —Thomas Hardy.

Strindberg, re his "late-Turner" paintings: "My canvases are painted in a dark room and cannot stand the light of day."

two pieces of Creeley's Pieces (1969):

Life like you
think you have
it till it isn't
—but is, inevitably—
behind the scene. (p. 49)

Here is all there is,
but there seems so
insistently across the way. (p. 71)

Inevitably, insistently. Behind the scene, across the way. (Somewhere; only not here.)

"I hold that the mission of poetry is to record impressions." —Hardy.

Creeley (two sequent pieces from p. 58-59):
There might be
an imaginary
place to be—
there might be.
Grey mist forms
out the window,
leaves showing green,
the dark trunks of trees—

place beyond?
The eye sees, the
head apparently records
the vision of these eyes.

What have I seen,
now see? There were
times before
I look now.



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