Saturday, June 16, 2012



jeepers, 250 bucks for a 8.5x11 poetry-reading flyer? —

I guess it costs so much because it's Berrigan memorabilia—

if the stigma of my name wasn't bringing down the price of this treasure, 

it'd probably go for 5 or 6 hundred or who knows how much 

this kind of Berrigan bilge is selling for these days—

Can't remember if this was the occasion when Big Ted ("Call me 'Big Ted'," he used to urge me every time we met)

gave me an inscribed copy of the first edition of his "Sonnets" book, 

which (a couple years later when I bothered to glance through it)

I threw in the trash—



Really? for a reading poster?  Some of my larger paintings are priced lower than that: 

—of course any tattered poster or scrap of paper with Berrigan's name printed on it is worth more than an original artwork by me,

isn't it, 

even if the latter does include in its purchase price a free bonus package with at least ten copies of my poetrybooks—


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