Friday, May 4, 2012

too many

Are you reading this as outraged and offended as I am by the weekly postings by Anis Shivani et al about how horrible it is that there are so many poets, 

oh there are too many poets these experts ubiquitously complain, Marjory Perloff this past week for a recent example—

Too many poets?  Too many poets!?— Are these people out of their fucking minds?—

I can think of lots of occupations there are too many of, every position in the military for a start: there are too many marines and too many bomber pilots and fighter pilots and drone-missile technicians, and too many infantry soldiers and too many of any kind of combat soldiers, and too many navy warship sailors, etc.,

but too many poets?  Really?   Compared to what?   How about the clergy, the priests of any every bloody religion polluting this planet: to me personally as an atheist, one of those assholes is too many.

Too many politicians, too many millionaires and billionaires (whose wealth in a just society would be returned, reparationed to the masses they robbed it from), 

but too many poets?  There can never be too many poets, there will never be too many poets in this world.   

But consider this:

Shivani Perloff and similar decrying criticrats are in essence advocating genocide against poets.  

That's their real message. 

To whom are these diatribes addressed?  They are subliminal petitions directed at the police-state officials, the FBI CIA National Guard et al,

urging those agencies to raise their yearly quotas for the murder of poets.

Shivani Perloff and their ilk in the Lit Establishment are imploring governmental authorities to institute pogroms to kill poets (or rather, kill more poets than usual),

to exterminate the vermin plague of poets, to eradicate this pestilent verse menace.

That's the hidden agenda behind their endless propaganda attacks against us.

That's their secret mission. 


Some future headlines for this Final Solution:

Tea Party designates May 1st as annual "Kill a Poet for Christ Day."

Romney campaign pledges "A Guantanamo in every state" if poet census does not subside.

Congress vows to stop poets "Before they reach MFA doors."


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