Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Here's how Geof Huth, at "dbqp: visualizing poetics" starts his review of a Kenneth Koch book:

Thursday, June 24, 2004
The Impossible Comics of Kenneth Koch

I’m not that familiar with Kenneth Koch’s poetry. I often see him as the spiritual father of Bill Knott, though Koch’s lines are generally more rambling and freer than those of Knott’s.



This is really bizarre, not to mention stupid.  (But whaddya expect from a "PoViz" goof-off like Huth.)— 

 I dislike Koch's work and feel sure that if he had read any of mine he would have disliked it.  

Koch admirers would gag at the above statement.   

If Koch is seen by anyone as my "spiritual father," I demand a paternity test. 


afterthought 03/18/12:

I should apologize for using that word "goof-off"—

I mean, apologize for being redundant—because, after all, when you employ the term 'PoViz' you don't have to add "goof-off," it's already implied—

what is a PoVizzer?  It's sort of like a "rock poet"—

you know the definition of a Rock Poet: as a poet, they're a great rocknroller; as a rocker, they're a great poet.  In other words, they suck in both.  

A VisPo or PoVizzer could be similarly defined: as visual artists, they're great poets; as poets, they're great visual artists.  In other words . . .


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