Wednesday, June 22, 2011

if knott, then not

here's Luke Hankins protesting a review by Joan Houlihan, over at the Contemporary Poetry Review site:

Luke Hankins says:

". . . I am quite surprised to hear your idea that end rhyme shows up mostly in light verse today, which I’m guessing must be based more on what you personally choose to read than on objective observation (exceptions, off the top of my head and in no particular order: Seamus Heaney, Richard Wilbur, A. E. Stallings, Paul Muldoon, Ernest Hilbert, Ashley Anna McHugh, Melissa Range, Natasha Trethewey, Morri Creech, Erica Dawson, Adam Kirsch, Geoffrey Hill, Fred Chappell, Gjertrude Schnackenberg, Sherman Alexie . . ."

Gee I wish my 128-page book "Ear Quire: Selected Rhyming Poems" was good enough to have Hankins add me to that list of contemporary poets who use rhyme, but of course it's not.
Besides their poor quality, my rhyming poems can also be downloaded free (in PDF form) via, as can many other of my books,
and in a capitalist society merit/value is based on price:
if my books cost nothing, then ipso facto they're worth nothing.
Luke Hankins knows my rhyming (and nonrhyming) verse is worthless, and he's right.

update: by not including me in hits lst Hankins made me realize how worthless my book of rhyming poems was, and so I deleted it from Lulu,


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