Monday, April 4, 2011


Here's another bizarre entry in the absurd column of pobiz—

if you linked to that page, you'd see this:

Poltroon Press Projects 2011

Thank you for your interest in Poltroon Press. We are not currently reading any unsolicited manuscripts. We have unpublished material by the authors dear to us that we would like to publish and hope to get around to in the near future. We would welcome poetry manuscripts from Rae Armantrout, Tinker Greene, Bill Knott, Joanne Kyger, or Steven Lavoie, but if that's not you, please do not send us your manuscript.


Surely, if you're a publisher of poetry, you have to have some standards, some esthetic principles?—

You can't promiscuously publish anybody and everybody, this kind of verse and that kind of verse, all schools without discrimination,

not without compromising whatever artistic values you're trying to maintain and manifest in your choice of projects,

not if you're serious.

I am not thrilled at my appearance on that list of poets whom Poltroon would "welcome poetry manuscripts from,"

since I feel no affinity with the other poets mentioned. What I've seen of their work I dislike—

I find it depressing that Poltroon Press (or anyone else) would associate me with them,

as if my verse were compatible, as if I were one of that avantcrowd,

all of whom, I assume, bear the Silliman-Approved stamp.

And I would guess they (those other poets) are as insulted to see my name alongside theirs as I am to read mine there.