Sunday, June 21, 2009


Jeffrey St.. Clair, over at the "counterpunch" site (edited by St. Clair and Alexander Cockburn), said, in a review of one of my books (Laugh at the End of the World, that "Knott resides on anarchist left."

In the same review, he also says "Bill Knott is the funniest poet since J.V. Cunningham,"

though—surely—he wouldn't have said that if he had read

PoChiMag's latest humor-winner Alfred E. Goldbarth!

here's the quote, with source:

Bill Knott is the funniest poet since J.V. Cunningham and, like Cunninghan, at times his humor can have a deliciously vicious edge. Whereas Cunningham (Exclusion of Rhyme) seems to have been something of a rightwinger, Knott resides on anarchist left.